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Louvered ventilator roof

A louvered ventilator fumilam® can be individually tailored for safe smoke and heat discharge. We offer you professional advice for this and will support you from planning to implementation.


Individual designs in both dimensions and technology. A variety of alternative frames, louvered ventilator designs and skylight frames match fumilam® to the building's requirements. Pneumatic or electrical systems are available as drives. The louvered ventilator is certified to DIN EN 12101-2.


fumilam® in detail


The plusses at a glance:

  • 4 alternative frames to choose from

  • Individual slat sizes from 500 x 398 to 2400 x 3500 mm
  • Insulated frames and slats available
  • Available in all RAL colours on request
  • Outstanding aerodynamic efficiency
  • Low maintenance costs


Performance classes to EN 12101-2:

  • Aerodynamic quality Cv up to 0.67
  • Functional safety RE 1000 (+ 10000)
  • Wind load 1500
  • Snow load up to 500
  • Temperature class up to T-25
  • Thermal stability B 300


Alternative frames

C frame
Insulation available

Example of frame with insulation
(C frame)

F frame
Frame insulation available

G frame
Frame insulation available

H frame
Frame insulation available
Folds and cuts possible


Alternative slats

Insulation can be retrofitted

Insulated aluminium
Heat and sound insulation
PVC cladding

Polycarbonate multi-skin pane 10 mm or composite glass 10 mm


Overview of sizes

Slat typeWidth in mmHeight in mmAv in m2min. number of slats
Aluminium500 to 2400796 to 35001 to 6
>6 to 71
Insulated aluminium781 to 3500
Glass500 to 2000873 to 35005
Aluminium500 to 2400546 to 3500
0,27 to 6
>6 to 71

Insulated aluminium531 to 3500
Glass500 to 2000543 to 35003
Aluminium500 to 2400421 to 35000,21 to 6
>6 to 71
Insulated aluminium406 to 3500
Glass500 to 2000543 to 35000,27 to 6
>6 to 71

 1 Only as a version for everyday ventilation.


Light engineering properties

VersionLight transmittance
 τ65 in %
Total energy throughput g in %
PC 10 clear multi-skin pane7679
PC 10 opal multi-skin pane5055
Composite glass 10 mm6364



Louvered ventilator thermal insulation values

VersionUg-value to EN 673: 2011
 in W/m²K
PC 10 clear multi-skin pane2,6
Composite glass6,5
Insulated aluminium1,5


Upstand thermal insulation values

with uninsulated frame
 in W/m²K
Steel/perlite WD upstand  28 cm0,9
Steel/perlite WD upstand 40 cm0,9
Steel/perlite WD upstand  50 cm0,9


Performance classes to EN 12101-2
Minimum-/maximum sizes:

  • Minimum size: 1 m² / 100 x 100 cm
  • Maximum size: 6 m²
ClassPneumatic UP
Pneumatic UP / Down
Electrical Up/Down
Cv-0,67 with upstand 
0,62 without upstand
ReRe 1000Re 1000 (+10000)Re 1000 (+10000)
WLWL 1500WL 1500WL 1500
SLSL 500 1SL 500 2SL 500 3

1 max. sizes per slat version: A = 4,31m² ;  AI = 3,74m² ;  PC = 4,69m² ;  G = 3,20 m²
2 max. sizes per slat version: AI = 5,61m² ;  G = 4,80 m²
3 max. sizes per slat version: AI = 5,7m² ; PC / G not available in SL 500


Steel upstands, height 28, 40 or 50 cm
  • Steel inside, optionally with factory-fitted  heat insulation outside
  • insulated: Uup-values 0,9 W/m2K
  • 5° angled skylight base for safe water drainage
  • Special production runs in height and slope possible


Electrical switch
  • Surface mounting
  • Flush mounting
J10 wind & rain protection system
  • records the wind strength or precipitation and closes the slat automatically
  • consisting of wind sensor, rain sensor with controller and wall console
  • Wind sensor adjustable
  • Control of up to 3 fan groups possible
  • also 24V-compatible

Connection rail set
  • for permanent and secure fixing of raised roof rails on the skylight base
  • consisting of aluminium profiles, corner connectors and fastening material
  • Profiles cut to nominal sizes in the factory and predrilled