Innovation based on tradition - our company history

Klaus Esser KG in Neuss, Germany, develops and manufactures the first skylight domes for the German market. Many pioneering new developments and innovations in the areas of flat roof lighting, ventilation, smoke extraction and drainage follow under the Esser brand.

With the esserplus® skylight dome Klaus Esser develops the first skylight dome with an innovative ventilation frame for improved air tightness and energy efficiency.

Klaus Esser receives the first German Marketing Award, the highest honour awarded in Germany for outstanding marketing efforts. The list of awardees is a veritable who's who of the German economy.

Eternit AG buys Klaus Esser KG and adds a flat-roof components division to its product and service portfolio.

Klaus Esser KG becomes the Eternit AG flat-roof components division and moves its production location from the Neuss-Norf district to the Eternit factory location on Berghäuschensweg in Neuss.

The comprehensive product line of Eternit flat-roof components is restructured. The result is a modular system suitable for universal use in new buildings and renovation projects.

The flat-roof components division of Eternit AG becomes a separate company, Eternit Flachdach. Eternit Flachdach develops the first continuous skylight system with thermal breaks between all aluminium sections and makes it ready for the market.

Eternit Flachdach concentrates on the technical development of the skylight dome and launches the Esserhome, the first quadruple-glazed skylight dome. Continuous skylight specialist INDU LIGHT becomes a co-operation partner in the development and production of continuous skylights.

The development and start of production of the 4000 series skylight domes confirms the pioneering role of Eternit Flachdach: The first skylight dome of its kind – featuring thermally broken ventilation frames – is a milestone in the development of thermal insulation.

Eternit Flachdach opens its new sales and administration centre on Berghäuschensweg in Neuss. In addition to a modern work environment for its employees the company also creates an efficient information and training centre for customers and business partners alike. 

In dialogue with its market partners Eternit Flachdach launches its "Clever Sanieren" (smart renovating) campaign, geared towards flat-roof components: Technologically improved product and system solutions facilitate simple and efficient skylight dome renovations as well as a trouble-free initial use.

Thermoplan becomes the new thermal insulation standard for skylight domes on the market. With it, Eternit Flachdach sets new standards for energy-conscious, environmentally aware builders. 

Eternit Flachdach expands its renovation portfolio with the first renovation smoke outlet approved in all of Germany and provides the market with a solution for skylight dome SHED renovations that complies with planning law.

Eternit Flachdach sets new standards with the development and start of production of the essertop® 5000. The first round skylight dome to feature a thermally broken border frame, it scores points for its attractive design, thermal insulation and product quality.

Eternit Flachdach presents the first German mobile app for designers and fabricators with skylight dome renovation as its subject. The app allows the user to quickly and safely find a suitable renovation solution, thereby facilitating a smooth and well-organised process of modernisation.

The essertop® 4000 Glas flat glass skylight is added to the product offering of Eternit Flachdach GmbH. It is designed to provide natural lighting in upscale residential and commercial buildings and features a number of product advantages, individual variety and practical accessories.

The essertop® 5000 Glas is the first round flat glass skylight with plastic frame. It combines aesthetic and technical aspects stylish together.

Etex sells its subsidiary Eternit Flachdach to the French Soprema Group. Eternit Flachdach will become part of Adexsi, the mother company of Soprema's skylight business unit.

Eternit Flachdach GmbH changes its name to ESSERTEC GmbH. The new company name combines the history to Klaus Esser with the current and future product philosophy.

With essertop® and essersky®, ESSERTEC presents pioneering new developments in the fields of skylight domes and flat glass skylights. This makes it possible to transfer the classic façade window onto the flat roof.