Company policy

Quality, environmental protection and occupational safety

Our products must be useful to our customers, contribute to improving their quality of life and be manufactured, marketed and used under safe, environmentally-friendly and fit-for-purpose conditions.

All components of our quality policy are laid down in our quality management system, which is based on the standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001. The objectives of the company policy of ESSERTEC GmbH constitute entering into an obligation to maintain and protect the following principles and goals:

  • To continuously further develop measures for environmental and health protection, safety and quality on our own initiative and to raise awareness in this regard, in particular through the example set by management, through professional education and training, as well as through continuous communication.

  • To adhere to current legislation and regulations, as well as self-imposed obligations and agreements exceeding these, in the interest of personnel, customers and concerned parties.

  • To lead an objective, open and trust-based dialogue with personnel, customers, official bodies and the public.

  • To continuously expand our knowledge of the characteristics and effects of our products and production processes in relation to the environment, safety, health and quality.

  • To consider requirements relevant to health, safety, the environment and quality in the planning, developing and manufacturing of products over their entire life cycles (LCA: life cycle assessment).

  • To take environmental and health protection, safety and quality into account as integral criteria when purchasing raw materials, facilities and services.

  • To use energy and raw materials with sustainable economy and to produce products in the quality agreed upon with our customers, whilst avoiding risks to personnel, neighbours and the environment.

  • To make available all requisite information concerning secure, environmentally friendly and fit-for-purpose use of our products to concerned parties.

  • To select distribution partners and hauliers in a manner which ensures our products will reach our customers safely.

  • To put forward-looking precautions in place in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents, interruptions to operations, environmental damage and errors, as well as introducing appropriate measures to reduce the risk of their occurrence as far as possible.