Smoke and Heat Exhausts

Our natural smoke and heat exhaust system components meet the most stringent fire safety requirements. In an emergency, only a perfectly coordinated system can protect buildings, material assets and lives: State-of-the-art technology extracts toxic flammable gases, giving the fire brigade the time it needs to fight the fire.  

Opening for smoke extraction for stairwells

Our electrical stairwell smoke extraction vent can be used for newly constructed and old buildings and can be individually integrated in the structure.

Stairwell smoke outlet

Opening for smoke extraction for lift shafts

Our solutions meet the unobstructed extraction area requirements for lift shaft smoke extraction.

Lift shaft SHEV

NSHEV for non-residential buildings: electrical

All system components of our smoke and heat exhaust systems are tailored to the relevant safety guidelines and regulations.


NSHEV for non-residential buildings: pneumatic

Our smoke and heat exhaust systems are based on a flexible modular system that offers a wide variety of possible applications.

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